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about Khmer statues, repatriation, decolonization, reforming museum practices, and community engagement. You can also access the pilot app at the Google Play Store:




THE CREATORS ​of the Return Home app

Phung Huynh is proud to collaborate with esteemed colleague and friend, Anika Sarin.

Anika Sarin is an educator, researcher, and graphic designer practicing in Los Angeles. Her research interests spread across design systems used in folk cultures, culture-specific aesthetics and typography, and process-oriented design. She investigates ways of "making" practiced in creative folk communities to construct innovative tools and systems useful in design. Her work contributes to an inclusive design heritage that shapes the politics of decolonization in design and creates a dialogue with social constructs of identity and power in design. Anika Sarin is an Assistant Professor of Design at California State University, Los Angeles where her focus is on serving first generation college students and decolonizing design education, one step at a time, by sharing history, methodology. and tools with students that are not confied to the Western design heritage of the Industrial Revolution.